I am addicted to the Bullet

Are you looking for the ultimate sex toy? If you are looking for the ultimate sex toy, you simply need to check out the Bullet. I have owned rather a few vibrators but honestly this is the ultimate technology when it comes to vibrators. I first got interested in sex toys when I joined cheap London escorts. So many of new colleagues at London escorts were into sex toys that it kind of got me interested as well.
Okay, sex toys are not for everybody, but most ladies enjoy them. The Bullet has certainly rocked my world and I know that many girls who work for London escorts, and especially the couples for escorts services provided by London escorts, recommend them. I have introduced the Bullet to my best friend who is married, and now her husband is complaining. Apparently the Bullet give her better orgasms than he can. I am not sure that is a good thing or not. It is probably good for her, but not so good for him.
Is there a downside to sex toys? Since I discovered the Bullet, I have started to wonder if there is a downside to sex toys. Do they make men lazy lovers? There are some women who think that men only care about their own orgasms. Since I joined London escorts I have started to believe that is true. Most men that I date on behalf of London escorts only talk about their own satisfaction and often seem to find it easy to forget about female satisfaction. Perhap it is easier for them to take a vibrator out and play with that to keep their women happy.
If that is the case, the Bullet provides the perfection solution. It comes with ten speed settings and when it comes to satisfaction, it is a dream. Trust me, it is ten times better than climbing on top of the washing machine on the spin cycle. I had this boyfriend before I joined London escorts who was not that great in bed. To enjoy an orgasm with him, I always used to have to climb on top of the spin cycle and it used to drive him totally crazy. Thanks to the Bullet I don’t have to have sex in the utility room anymore. Trust me, having sex in the comfort of the
bedroom is just ten times better than sex in the utility room.
Now that I have the Bullet, the washing machine is far from my thoughts. With its flexible ten speed settings it can make any girl happy. Even if you find it really challenging to enjoy a good quality orgasm, I can promise you that the Bullet will do it for you. I have even spoken to a couple of girls at London escorts who claim to have experienced their first multi orgasms since they invested in the Bullet. So tell me, when are you going to invest in your Bullet. I have a feeling that you are going to immensely love it.

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