Sex Toys to Try

Sex toys are being sold almost anywhere these days. If you go shopping abroad, you will even find some sex toys in pharmacies. We don’t seem to be that shy about sex toys anymore and many of us have introduced them into our love lives. A couple friends of mine who work for London escorts services are mad on sex toys. Escorts in London love using sex toys when they are together with their partners, and have been exploring the sex toy market for a very long time. So, if you want to play with sex toys like London escorts, which ones should you invest in.

One of the best sex toys out there is the vibrator. The girls that I know at escorts in London say that it can be used to stimulate both male and female pleasures. Like the girls at London escorts are quick to point out, the vibrator can be found almost everywhere today. If you like to invest in a vibrator you can even find them on discount shopping sites. It is perhaps the starter sex toy for most couples.

Another popular sex toy is the butt plug. The girls that I spoke to at London escorts say that the humble butt plug increases the sensation of the female orgasm and can make it a lot stronger. It is a bit like doing a very gentle DP. Most of the girls at London escorts have a butt plug in their bedside drawer and enjoy using it with their partners. One of the girls says that it has really intensified her orgasms a lot and has made her feel like she wants to have sex more often.

We often overlook that there are numerous oils and essential oils which can stimulate us as well. The girls at London escorts are really into giving some of their gents massages. One of the most popular essentials oils used by London escorts is patchouli. It has been used for thousands of years to give pleasure in the Middle East. When we first became interested in essential oils here in the West, it was one of the first essential oils introduced. It smells nice and is both exciting and relaxing.

If you are looking to invest in sex toys, you may just want to take the advice of London escorts.

After all, the girls seem to have a special in sex toys and all of the other goodies that go along with sex toys. Make sure that you buy quality sex toys and start to play slowly. Once you get into sex toys, start to develop your interest together with your partner. Check out websites and order some exciting catalogues. The truth is that you can have a lot of fun playing with your partner, and exploring new pleasures together. But you should not be too pushy and you should make sure that you enjoy the experience. If you buy a sex toy that you don’t like, forget about it and look around for another one.

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